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Heat Exchanger Pipe/Tube
Boatbuilding Pipe
Boiler Pipe
Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe/Tube
Mechanical Pipe/Tube
Pipe/Tube for Industry
Precision BA Pipe/Tube
Stainless Steel Wire
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Stainless steel tube supplier. Zhejiang Zhongli Stainless Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd. is located in Shuanglin Town of Huzhou. The company covers an area of 30,000 square meters with the building area of 20,000 square meters, and has 200 employees including 20 engineers. Zhongli become the fastest growing stainless steel seamless pipes manufacturer in China. Our products include cold rolled, cold drawn, and polished stainless seamless pipes, with yearly production capacity of 7,000 metric tons stainless steel pipes. Ferrite duplex stainless steel, and austenitic stainless steel are all made abiding by National Standard GB, America Standard ASTM and ASME, Japan Standard JIS, and Germany Standard DIN. We produce quality stainless steel seamless tubes in austenitic 304/304L/304H, 316/316L, 321/H, 347H, 317/317L, 310S as well as duplex pipes and tubes S31803...
Contact: MR Yao
Mobile phone: +86-15257269999 13905726218
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FAX: +86-572-3625028 2557001
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Q Q: 425983746
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Zip: 313012
Raw Material Supplier
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